Hate EA’s Dungeon Keeper? Download The Real Thing For Free


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Electronic Art’s recently released update of Peter Molyneux’s Dungeon Keeper has garnered a lot of criticism for its shameless destruction of the gameplay of a strategy classic. But hey, why play that cynical piece of freemium crap when you can play the original for free?

For the next 24 hours, GOG.com is having a great promotion capitalizing upon the nigh-universal hatred for the Dungeon Keeper iOS remake. Just go to their site and sign up for an account to download the original classic Dungeon Keeper game for your Mac for free. Although seventeen years old, the original game still holds up, and runs just great on modern Macs. If you want to know why people are so honked off about the new version, look no further.

Source: GOG.com

  • I registered and Dungeon Keeper is $5.99, so…nop, offer not valid.

  • gohoos

    The offer was only for one day. I managed to snag it.

    Even at $6 it is a good buy. I’d rather spend that money on the original game than on IAP gems in the abomination EA has created for mobile.

    It runs just fine, using some sort of internal emulator. The resolution isn’t the best. (Tip – hit Alt-R once sometime during the game to switch to high-resolution mode.)