IFTTT Now Adds Items To Evernote Checklists


IFTTT’s new Evernote action might not seem like much, adding one measly little function, but it’s a biggy. You can take anything, and append it to an Evernote note as to-do item, complete with a checkbox.

Example uses: Send your Foursquare to-dos to an Evernote checklist, or save iOS reminders to Evernote.

Sadly, you still can’t set alarmed reminders in Evernote, but that’s on IFTTT’s own to-do list, apparently. Also added today is a whole new IFTTT channel: Push-co, which is an alternative to Boxcar and Pushover, and lets you trigger notifications on your iOS device as well as triggering further actions if you favorite (star) a notification.

Source: IFTTT Blog