Rapoo’s Ultra-Slim Keyboard Has A Built-In Trackpad


Rapoo’s new E2700 looks to be the perfect companion for my iMac, which is sat on a desk at a suspiciously convenient distance from the sofa in my office, letting me kick back and be amazed by episodes of True Detective and, uh, The Mentalist. Aside from being a regular keyboard with all the usual media keys, it also packs a trackpad on the rightmost end, so you can play/pause those annoying browser video players that don’t respond to the spacebar.

The new Rapoo is 5.6mm thick, weighs 186 grams, and is slim enough to slide down between the couch cushions and get lost. And of course it’s wireless, in this vase via a USB dongle on your device, which lets you use it with non-Bluetooth boxes. What it doesn’t have is backlit keys, but as I usually switch off the backlight of my keyboard when watching movies, that’s no big deal.

All this comes for just $50. Is it any good? Who knows?

Source: Rapoo
Thanks: Jaclyn!