StreamNation Now Imports Instagram, Lightroom, Flickr Photos And More


Keeping photos on Instagram, Facebook, iPhoto, Google Drive, Google+, Flickr, Lightroom, Aperture, Picasa, Dropbox or OneDrive? Then you might like StreamNation, an app and service that collects them all together in one place.

What’s more, it also gives you 20GB of free storage to get started, and the upgrade rates aren’t so bad either.

As it’s name might suggest, StreamNation started life as a way to stream movies to your iPad, and to download those moves for watching offline, and it keeps adding features to that part with the recent inclusion of subtitles for offline files and more.

But today we’re looking at the newly-added photo-viewing features. You just add the services of your choice using the web app, and the photos will be added to your library. If you install the OS X uploader then StreamNation can slurp up your local photos, either from regular folders or on a per-album basis from Lightroom, iPhoto, Aperture and Picasa.

It also supports Dropbox and a bunch of other services. I recently uploaded all my photos to Flickr, so all I’d need to do to add all my photos to StreamNation is to connect the two.

It even looks like StreamNation can be a BitTorrent client, but as I’m currently living in Germany, where BitTorrent use is more dangerous than smoking, at least according to its treatment by the law, I’m not trying that one out.

I’d heard about StreamNation but was never really interested until it added the great photo integration. Now it looks pretty fantastic. Especially if your use Lightroom.

Source: StreamNation
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Thanks: Chelsea!