Avoid: Sensory Overload Sends You Hurtling Through A Geometric, Neon Hellscape [Review]


Avoid: Sensory Overload

We have no shortage of endless running/flying/floating/swimming games in the App Store. And here’s another one.

Avoid: Sensory Overload by 48h Studio
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: $0.99

Avoid: Sensory Overload is a techno-skinned endless game in which you guide a ship through a perpetual series of obstacles and traps. All the while, the thumping music and neon-infused background light show do their very best to distract you.

It’s flashy, annoying, challenging, and ultimately a lot of fun.

The controls are easy: Hold the left side of the screen to go left, and hold the right side to go right. In addition to avoiding holes and blocks, you can pick up powerups to gain a shield, fill in gaps, or remove walls. You also pick up score multipliers that make each second you keep going more valuable.

Every once in a while, you’ll cross a line that makes you go faster. And while the individual speed increases aren’t too dramatic, eventually you’ll reach a point at which you’ll realize that you are really going quite fast, and that’s when The Fear sets in.

It’s flashy, annoying, challenging, and ultimately a lot of fun.

Avoid includes one default theme; two additional ones are available as in-app purchases, and you can try them before you drop the extra buck each. It also has two different game modes: the familiar endless, arcade style and a level-based option for more linear-minded types.

With four difficulty levels and the endless allure of leaderboards and beating your friends, it’s a good amount of game for your dollar. Plus, it’s just cool-looking.

Avoid: Sensory OverloadGame Name: : Avoid: Sensory Overload
The Good: Great music, basic controls, tons of content.
The Bad: May not appeal to non-score hounds.
The Verdict: It’s a fun and simple title that’s flashy and difficult in all the right ways.
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