Redesigned iPad Stand Looks More Like A Kitchen Utensil


High-powered with a tiny footprint.
High-powered with a tiny footprint.

Kitchen Utensil. Mobile Office. Study Stand.

Sure, those don’t all go together, but Twelve South’s new iPad Air and iPad mini stand looks like nothing you’ve seen before. It might as well find a place in a kitchen drawer, next to all the Pampered Chef gizmos you’ve got in there.

This new iPad stand — made for the iPad Air and iPad mini — is foldable, easy to use, and just plain sweet looking.

Ultra-portable and stowing in a nice little bag, the Compass looks to be the perfect companion for that iPad, mini or otherwise, letting you hold your Apple device at a perfect angle in any environment. You’ll be able to do FaceTime video chats a lot easier, too, leaving your hands free to wave about in your convo.

Now, that's design.
Now, that’s design.

Better yet, this clever design has a third, smaller leg, right in the middle of the back leg, which lets you place your iPad just at the right sweet spot for typing. Because, honestly, there’s nothing worse than a soft typing platform, right? I’m looking at you, Smart Cover.

The Compass iPad stand from Twelve South is available now for $39.99 at the company’s website in black, silver, and red.

Source: Twelve South

  • Faslane

    Except it’s not new. I’ve had one for almost a year. I use it with my iPad and my Note 3 as a simple desktop stand. they’re GREAT and heavy metal but not too heavy to pocket around either.

  • Frank

    This thing is anything but new. I bought it for my iPad2. It is a great gadget though.