Iron Man Is Jesus In Robo Nativity? [Review]


Totally not Iron Jesus.
Totally not Iron Jesus.

Alright, so the Iron Man-shaped hero in Robo Nativity is totally not licensed. I was unsure if he was supposed to be more like Mega Man until a helpful prompt informed me that for a minimal fee I could also play as War Machine. So, you’re definitely playing as Iron Man in this curiously named platformer-meets-endless runner.

Robo Nativity by Khary Menelik
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: Free

You start off running along the ground beneath various platforms. Enemies and obstacles require you to jump and fire as you collect as many gold coins as you can. As far as this being a nativity, you won’t encounter any babes in mangers, but the Mandarin-like baddies this not-Iron Man shoots do look a bit like wise men. So, don’t look for any new religions in Robo Nativity, unless you are way into the idea that Tony Stark is the messiah (I kinda am).

the fire button is too far away from the action.
the fire button is too far away from the action.

The platforming in Robo Nativity is frustrating and stiff. Aiming for the platforms above you is a necessity when you start encountering spikes on the bottom of the screen but the timing is just off enough that you’ll bang into platforms more times than you’ll land on them, which will send you down onto the spikes or colliding with the enemies roaming around the screen.

I played this game on an iPad which only further complicated things when I tried to fire. Most games that rely on both jumping and firing often let you tap one side of the screen for jumping and the other to fire, but Robo Nativity has a frustratingly placed fire button in the bottom right corner of the screen that’s easy to miss when you’re in a hurry.

Iron Man's greatest enemy: fencing.
Iron Man’s greatest enemy: fencing.

Overall, this game weirdly named but is reasonably enjoyable, as long as you suffer through mastering the jump timing and remember to hit the fire button.

photo 2 (2)Game Name: Robo Nativity
The Good: The concept is kinda cute, plus this is a better Iron Man iOS game than the licensed ones.
The Bad: Say no to bad jump timing.
The Verdict It’s weird, but it’s also a totally familiar platformer-meets-endless runner design that’s easy to pick up.
Buy from: Robo Nativity – Superhero Allies! Free Comic book game playroom with f2p rts laser weapons and robot games! – Khary Menelik



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