Dungeon Highway: Retro Graphics, Cheap-A** Retro Difficulty [Review]


Dungeon Highway

Heroes went and got themselves in a big damn hurry.

Dungeon Highway by Substantial
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: Free

It’s not enough anymore that they just get through the dungeon and fight the terrifying monster at the end. These days, they feel some strange need to do it all without stopping. It’s escalation, I guess; the new guys want to show off, so they run. Endlessly.

Dungeon Highway is the story of one such valiant champion who runs and shoots and dies a lot. And then you start over, and he runs and shoots and dies some more.

Dungeon Highway
All the areas have cute names, but that basically just indicates what color they are.

The controls are simple: Tilt to move left and right, and tap to shoot. You’ll want to avoid or destroy all the monsters in your path and just plain avoid the blocks and pillars or your hero will explode into bloody chunks.

The upshot is that your enemies also explode into bloody chunks, but unfortunately, that can block your view and cause you to run into a block you don’t see through the red mist until the last second. So that kinda sucks.

Avoid the blocks and pillars or your hero will explode into bloody chunks.

The game awards points for distance covered and enemies exploded, and it includes a bunch of powerups to help you do both. It’s a very simple title, and its simplicity masks its extreme difficulty.

You’re going to fail. You will die for stupid reasons, and you’ll hate it and curse it and cast bloody aspersions on your phone. And then you’ll start it up again because it’s fun enough and only takes a minute.

Dungeon HighwayGame Name: : Dungeon Highway
The Good: Cool, retro graphics; quick to pick up; lots of challenge and replay value.
The Bad: It’s hard and frustrating, and sometimes the graphics actually make it more difficult.
The Verdict: Players who expect mercy from their titles can look elsewhere, but retro addicts and teh hardcorez will find a lot to keep them busy.
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