Bumprz Shames All Other So-Called ‘Minimalist’ iPhone Cases


If you Google Cult of Mac for “minimal iPhone case” you get a lot of results (too many, in fact, including a Mac-only music app – nice job Google). But you should ignore every last one of them, becasue the Bumprz really is a “case” so tiny you almost can’t see it.

The “anti-case,” as the makers call it, is just a set of four stick-on corners that cover and protect the corners of your iPhone 5. And even then they only cover the edges and wrap around the front glass, leaving the tough rear aluminum shell to fend (ably) for itself. The corners are made from brass or steel and stuck on using 3M adhesive strips.

With the bumper corners in place, you protect the iPhone from drops. Even if it hits a tiled floor corner-first the screen shouldn’t crack. How much for these wonder-corners? Just $20. I’m sold: not only are the corners covered, but the iPhone can be laid face-down without scratching the screen, and you can still plug in any accessory you like.

And if you’re listening, Bumprz guys, the iPad mini could totally do with a set of these.

Source: Kickstarter