Edit Playlists And Write Reviews With Rdio iOS Update


Rdio users can now ditch the desktop entirely, thanks to an update which brings playlist editing and reviews to the iOS version of the app. No more booting up that dusty old Mac just to remove an accidentally-added song from your “awesomest songs evah” list.

Disclosure: I frikkin love Rdio. The Lady uses Spotify, but I switched maybe six months back because I prefer the collection metaphor, whereas Spotify forces you to make playlists for everything, and because the selection is better for my tastes: Rdio has more compilations and mix albums, whereas Spotify excels in dad-rock.

The newest update, which will likely already be on your iOS 7 device as you read this, lets you edit playlists on the go. You could always add new tracks and create new lists, but now you can remove tracks and switch things around.

Add, remove and rearrange tracks; add and edit playlist artwork; change visibility and collaboration settings and more.

And you can also view the “reviews,” Rdio’s snippets of info about music and bands, which I like quite a lot as a way to find new music on the desktop version of the app.

Write album and playlist reviews right from the app, and read reviews by critics and other Rdio listeners.

Excellent additions I think you’ll agree, and available right now.

Source: iTunes