Olympic Snowboarder’s iPhone Crashes After Being Bombarded By Nude Photos From Fans



Getting so many naked pictures from beautiful, nubile women that are in love with you that your iPhone crashes? That sounds like one of those good problems to me… and to Russian snowboarding athlete Alexey Sobolev, whose iPhone was bombarded by nude pics after he put his phone number on his helmet for all the world to see. But it’s not stressing him out.

Yahoo Sports reports on Sobolev’s unique predicament:

“I’m definitely going to call them,” Sobolev said.

At one point Friday, Sobolev didn’t think he would be able to. The deluge of messages and phone calls overwhelmed him so much, his phone just stopped working. The battery didn’t die. The thing just gave up.

Eventually, it mustered the courage to restart, which gave Sobolev a chance to share its contents with a reporter. He turned the brightness of the screen to full blast and focused on one particular girl in what can only be described as the tightest dress in human history.

Perhaps understandably, Sobolev has since been asked to cover up the numbers on his helmet with duct tape.

Source: Yahoo Sports