Shortcut-S, A 319-Key Keyboard For Photoshop


Shortcut-S is the kind of devices that is born when engineers get to make whatever they want. It’s a huge monster of a keyboard, with 319 keys all dedicated to separate Photoshop functions. It’s as if somebody took the piano and added a key to play every chord and note of Beethoven’s Eighth Symphony. Would that actually make it easier to play?

The Shortcut-S has 299 fixed-function keys and 20 customizable ones. The 299 keys’ functions can be changed by swapping in a different overlay for other apps like Illustrator, Lightroom, Final Cut and more.

Just this last weekend I was editing a bunch of photos in Acorn, and I found myself chording keys in combos I learned when I used Photoshop all day long for design work (they didn’t work, of course, and in the end I used Procreate on the iPad to get stuff done). Something like Shortcut-S looks great for beginners, but I’d wager that a well-trained hand can keep up easily enough by using muscle-memory and keyboard combos. What’s more, you can sit in front of any computer with a standard QWERTY layout and get working. Try that if you learned on a Shortcut-S.

The Kickstarter wants at least $99 for the keyboard (A pretty good deal) plus another $28 for shipping. And it won’t ship until at least August 2014, so you have plenty of time to practice your keyboard chords.

Source: Kickstarter
Via: Petapixel

  • volkward

    319 hardkeys is way too much. I think apps like Actions for iPad are much better suited for getting rid of the most annoying keyboard shortcuts. And you can fire multiple actions with one tap too.
    There’s also Adobes’ own Configurator app with which one can create custom Photoshop panels for faster access to tools, menu items, actions and so on…