Mega Cloud Service Adds PhotoSync And Background Uploads


Kim Dotcom’s Mega app for iOS now lets you auto-upload your photographs from your iDevice, just like Dropbox, Jottacloud and Google Drive. Only unlike those other cloud services, Mega comes with 50GB free storage, and jumps to 500GB when you sign up for the $11-per-month paid tier.

There are two methods foe apps to upload things in the background. One is a hack involving location change, so that when you move an upload is triggered without launching the app itself. This works in iOS 6 as well as iOS 7. The second, better, method is iOS 7-only, and lets the OS decide when to make periodical uploads, depending on a few parameters (how often you use the app, whether other apps want to do the same thing).

Mega uses the first location-based method, which means you have to let it track your position, with the battery hit this brings. On the other hand, 50 frikkin’ Gigabytes. That’s enough for most folks to house their entire photo collection with some left over.

You can also do all the usual sharing and syncing you’d expect from an app like this, but until more apps start incorporating Mega into their own apps, Dropbox will likely remain king. And if you want functionally unlimited photo storage with amazing app support, use Flickr.

Source: iTunes