FAVI Radio-Free iPhone SpeakerStand Is Perfect For The Kitchen


The FAVI may look kind of dumb, but I have a use-case for it right now: Whenever I play music or podcasts in my kitchen, I use a Bluetooth speaker. This means first getting the speaker to talk to the iPhone, and then it means finding a safe spot in the kitchen where my iPhone won’t get killed by spills.

The FAVI solves both these problems, by being a stand which connects wirelessly to your iPhone when you set it down on the cradle.

The speaker appears to use inductive tech to pick up the good vibrations of your iPhone’s speaker magnet, and then taking that signal and amplifying it. The battery-powered FAVI lasts form up to six hours on a charge, and is cheap, thanks to the lack of any radios inside – it’s just $50.

I tested a similar device way back in 2012, and it worked great (there’s a video showing it in action at the link above). Better still, it uses no extra power from your iPhone, and yet boosts the volume 6x.

I’m gonna try and get one of these for review – it looks like the perfect kitchen speaker setup. In the meantime, you can get one to fir the iPad, the iPhone, or the phablet of your choice.

Source: Favi
Thanks: Eric!