Uno Aero Combines Wireless Charger And Backup Battery In One Slim Case


If you’re going to stick your beautifully slimline iPhone inside and external battery case, then why not make it a battery case with wireless charging built in? That’s the thinking behind the new Unu Aero case, a slimline (15mm) case that doubles the battery life of your iPhone 5, and frees you from ever plugging it in ever again.

The case is much like Unu’s other products, and looks just as well built. The 2000mAh battery will take your iPhone 5 from zero to 100%, and your iPhone 5S to 85%. There’s an LED power indicator, a USB port for charging if you need it, and of course the circuitry to work with the included charging mat. This mat plugs into a wall outlet and lets you charge the Unu (and by extension your iPhone) just by plopping it down on top.

I’ve tested a few inductive chargers and they work ok, but they’re slower than USB, more suited for overnight trickle charging than a fast blast of juice. And that’s ok. But what I really don’t like is that the Lightning port is blocked, meaning you have to remove the case to use any other accessories.

If you want one, though, the Unu Aero is available now for $100.

Source: Unu