Snail Speaker: Guess What It Looks Like


We’ve seen several horn speakers here on Cult of Mac, and made at least as many schoolboyish horn jokes. But to my knowledge this is the first speaker that looks like an acoustic amplifying horn, but is in fact just a regular novelty speaker. It’s also probably the only gadget we’ve featured that has “trendy” as a bullet point on its feature list.

And finally, it looks like a snail.

The speaker is the Snail Speaker, and it works with pretty much any phone that has a space to plug it in: the iPhone (any model), the iPads Air and Mini, and some Samsung crap. It has its own built-in battery which charges via USB, and runs for three hours on a single two-hour charge. Tellingly, the specs don;t list its power output, so you can assume that it is pretty quiet.

But it looks like a snail, and it costs $8. Sure, those are eight good dollars that could be put to better use – you could burn them, for example, or roll them up and snort [enough! -Ed] – but this snail is not only cute but trendy dammit and – I quote – “can sit on your cell phone or tablet computer like a cute snail.”

What are you waiting for?

Source: USB Fever