iDraw 2 Now Imports And Edits Photoshop Files


IDraw, the iPad vector-based drawing app, has just gone v2.0, and turned from a great drawing app into a crazy full-featured pro-level app. Here’s a taster of the new features:

Photoshop PSD Import/Export:

  • Import layered PSD files with vector paths and effects
  • Shape layers are imported as editable vector paths
  • Layer effects are imported as fully editable drop shadows, glows, etc.
  • Export designs as layered PSD files

I put those new features first becasue they’re so crazy. This isn;t just importing Photoshop files as bitmaps. This is importing PSD files and still being able to edit things like layer styles (drop shadows, embossed text, that kid of thing) and to tweak any vector shapes. Also, layers themselves are preserved.

This is in addition to a sweet new iOS 7 design, and many pro shortcuts, like direct entry of values into input popovers, a new gradient editor, and labels for dimensions. Say you use iDraw to make a plan of an apartment. You can now have it label the dimensions of the rooms, and auto-calculate their area.

Also, OpenGL has been implemented to make everything lightning fast. The full change list is at the link below, but just go buy the thing. It’s nine measly bucks, and offers features that would have cost you hundreds in a Mac app a few years ago.

Source: Indeeo
Source: App Store