Beep, a $150 Wi-Fi Volume Knob That Streams Music From Pandora


Beep is a weird little device that could be either just the thing you’re looking for, or the stupidest accessory ever. It’s a Wi-Fi volume knob that hooks up to your speakers, and streams music either direct from Pandora, or from your iDevice via its own companion app. No AirPlay, no Rdio or Spotify. I told you it was weird.

Most people would probably opt for Apple’s own Airport Express, which lets you stream anything, and also doubles as a router or Wi-Fi extender. It’s also cheaper than the $150 asking price for the Beep. The beep does have some nice features though. You can sync up to five of them to stream music to multiple rooms, and you can control the music from the device itself: the whole thing is a big volume knob, and tapping the front of that knob will play/pause the music.

You also get to choose how you hook up the speakers, using either a 3.5mm jack, an RCA connection or an optical input.

It’s kinda cool I guess, but I’d probably wait for the revised version, or at least an update to this version that lets it work with more services. Then again, I have AirPlay speakers coming out of my ears thanks to the rigorous testing schedule I’m required to keep up, so maybe I’m biased.

Source: This Is Beep
Via: Tech Hive