Nikon P340 With Wi-Fi And Utilitarian Style


If you got a kid to draw a picture of a camera, that picture would look just like the new Nikon P340, a device that can be accurately described as “boxy, with knobs.” And it’s gorgeous, kind of like then Lenovo Thinkpad of cameras, and despite its diminutive form it has everything an enthusiast would need – except a viewfinder.

The $500 compact shoots RAW, has full-manual control of shutter, ISO, aperture and so on, and packs a Wi-Fi radio, which is fast becoming an essential feature on new cameras, letting you share photos immediately with your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

The P340 also shoots 1080 video with its 1/1.7-inch 12.2MP (9.5mm on the diagonal, compared to 43.3mm for full frame), and has a 921,000-dot three-inch screen taking up pretty much the entire back panel of the camera.

I love this trend of more manual control and better connectivity. Then again, it’s no real chore to just pop the SD card into the camera connection kit.

The new P340 will be on sale this month.

Source: Nikon Press
Thanks: Geoff!

  • kim kiri

    In an age where the need to share photographs instantly is becoming a rage, on board Wi-Fi is a must-have feature on an advanced point and shoot. Nikon Coolpix P340 is an upgrade of the Nikon P330 with the addition of Wi-Fi being the major change.

    Build and Design
    Nikon P340 is literally a palm-sized camera in an all-black metallic magnesium alloy body. Despite the compact size Nikon has ensured that there is provision for a palm rest and thumb rest…

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