Official Instapaper Safari Extension Now Available


Under its previous owner, Instapaper was a good-but-limited iOS app with a barely functional website component. Under its new ownership at Betaworks, the app has slowly become part of a great ecosystem, with the latest addition being a Safari extension.

It’s not just a straight up replacement for the bookmarklet, either. If you are reading one of the supported sites (Twitter, Reddit, and Hacker News) then an Instapaper button will appear in line beside each story/Tweet, if you right-click page then you get the option to save that page, or any link on that page, and you can use the keyboard shortcut ctrl-s to save the current page.

There’s another great addition, too: if you highlight some text before right clicking, then that text will be used as the Instapaper description for the article.

More is on the way: save direct to folders, custom keyboard shortcuts and auto tab closing on save are on the list for future versions.

Now, if only Betaworks would get busy on proper IFTTT support I’d switch back to Instapaper full time and ditch Pocket entirely.

Source: Instapaper Blog