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Apple Wants To Save You From Embarrassing Autocorrect Errors [Patent]



We’ve all likely done it: you’re sending a text message — only to find out after hitting the “send” button that your carefully crafted comments have fallen victim to some embarrassing autocorrect abomination.

Clearly someone at Apple has had the same experience, since a new Apple patent suggests that future iPhones may include an option for correcting messages after the user has instructed the device to send, but before the transmittal of the message has taken place.

The patent, named “Transient Panel Enabling Message Correction Capabilities Prior to Data Submission,” describes the modification, which would allow users to make final corrections to text messages while the iPhone is busy sending, with the specific aim of correcting the “autocorrect functionality of the programmable device.”

The patent was filed 31 July, 2012, and is credited to Mehul Sanghavi and Swati Deo, both of whom work in Apple’s iAD department.

The only mystery now is which Apple exec sent the offending message that brought this about?

Source: U.S. Patents & Trademark Office