Track Calories And Get Healthy In 2014 With The NutriCrystal Smart Kitchen Scale [Deals]



It’s time to take your diet from digital to delightfully simple.

ReFleX NutriCrystal is a Bluetooh enabled, glass-top kitchen scale to help you track calorie intake and reach your healthy eating goals. And Cult of Mac Deals has it right now during this limited time offer for 27% off – just $79.99.

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With the ReFleX NutriPlus iOS, Android, or desktop application, all your personal data is saved and tracked so you can measure your progress. Plus, unlike existing nutritional scales, the process of taking the measurements is fully automated, simply place your food on the scale and record the data using your mobile phone, tablet or computer, wirelessly. The software also provides summary reports of your nutritional consumption and can compare the result to national standards or your friends’ data.

The top features of The NutriCrystal Smart Kitchen Scale include:

  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Free mobile and desktop applications
  • Automatically measures and records nutritional data
  • Provides summary reports of nutritional consumption

For people with chronic illnesses or weight related issues – who rely on tracking nutrition intake – The NutriCrystal Smart Kitchen Scale makes the process a whole lot easier. From the company that created the world’s first wireless smart food scale and free mobile app, this is the latest in their nutrition-tracking technology. With an ever-expanding food database and apps constantly being updated, there’s no doubt this scale will be your key to a healthy lifestyle for years to come.

But this deal won’t last for long. So head to the Deals page and get The NutriCrystal Smart Kitchen Scale for just $79.99 today!