theScore Has All The Winter Olympics Coverage You Need


Winter Olympics coverage right on your iPhone
Winter Olympics coverage right on your iPhone

Winter Olympics fans rejoice, for theScore is here to deliver unique sporting content and breaking news direct from Sochi to your iPhone. The app has its own team of news hounds who will push news on heats, medals, and podium positions in real time right to the app, which has been updated for this specific feature.

The app will show new in little bites that break down the big stories in to easily digestible snacks. Each update will come in on top of the previous, along with images, animated gifs, videos, and tweets from the events.

This unique content delivery system has given theScore app over five million monthly active users, with daily sessions growing by 93 percent since the app’s launch.

theScore will also provide ways for you to personalize the app, letting you subscribe to medal and team alerts, keeping you in the loop when your favorite teams step up to the podium.

This isn’t some web-culling app, this is Olympic coverage that comes right to your iPhone and can’t be found anywhere else.

You can download theScore in the App Store right now for free and start checking out the Winter Olympics on the go.

Source: App Store