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85% Of Apple’s Power Comes From Green Energy Sources [Report]



Apple is the fourth greenest tech/telecoms company — generating  85 percent of its power through green power sources — according to a new list published by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The recently published report compares the amount of power used by America’s top technology and telecom firms with the percentage that comes from renewable “green” resources, such as wind, solar, bio-gas and other options.


The list — which is rather strangely ranked by the amount of total power used, rather than the percentage of green energy versus total electricity used — shows Intel at the top, with 100 percent of its total 3,100,850,000 kWh coming from green power usage, followed by Microsoft, Google, and then Apple.

Apple did, however, earn the honor having the most diverse list of sources for its alternative energy — utilizing 11 different providers, compared to 5 or less for every other tech company on the list.

Tim Cook has previously been outspoken about Apple being a “force for good” by embracing sustainability and awareness of carbon footprints, having previouslybeen labeled the “least green” tech company by Greenpeace due to its reliance on coal at data centers.

Google, despite being listed above Apple in the EPA report, due its green power usage in kWh, has the worst ranking among the top five tech and telecom powers users — with just 32 percent of its power coming from green sources.

Source: EPA.gov

Via: Electronista