Forgotify Serves Up Spotify’s 4 Million Unplayed Tracks


Forgotify is kind of like that box at the back of the thrift store which holds vinyl records so bad that even the sample-crazy music nerds won’t touch them – only on the internet. It’s a web service that collects the roughly 4 million (!) unplayed tracks on Spotify, and serves them up to you at random.

It’s as fun and/or disappointing as you’d expect, a world of fantastic cover artwork matched with equally non-fantastic music. And of course there’s an interactive element: As soon as you listen to one of the songs, it is no longer unplayed, and drops off the Forgotify list.

If you have Spotify on your iDevice or Mac, you should really give this a go. It’d be even better if this could somehow be a playlist inside of Spotify itself, so you could just hit play and “enjoy” the endless stream of dross and dreck, safe in the knowledge that you’re a true pioneer, just like those DJs that spend their lives searching for unknown tunes. Only, you know, without the good taste.

Forgotify is, as you’d expect, completely free.

Source: Forgotify
Via: The Atlantic