Dungeon Keeper Adds The Power Of Friendship And Other Updates



Dungeon Keeper for iOS has received its first update, one week after its initial launch in the App Store.

Sadly, the update doesn’t remove some of the game’s worse freemium-associated elements (our review criticized its approach to micro-payments for being “overeager to claim all of your precious gems to get anything done”) but it does add a host of other modifications — including “the power of friendship” which lets you drag in other friends to play through Facebook and Game Center.

Other additions featured in the update include the ability to cancel a job and therefore receive a refunded portion of the invested resource, along with the ability to change your active Immortal, while your other Immortals are reviving.

Trap swapping has also been disabled, game performance on low-end devices is improved, and non-ascii keyboards have been enabled.

A number of other improvements to both graphics and gameplay are detailed here.

The update is downloadable free from the App Store.

Source: iTunes