Evernote Adds Natural Language Search To Mac App


Evernote now does natural-language searches. Type something like “images from Barcelona” into the search box and your query will automatically be turned into a search query with the form contains:images place:Barcelona.

You can also search on the device that created the note, document types, tags and notebooks and pretty much everything else you can think of. It’s like a local Google for your notes.

Here’s the list of possible parameters:

This is only int the Mac version of the Evernote app so far, but hopefully it’ll be coming to the iPad and iPhone clients soon enough. You can, however, save one of these searches on your Mac and it’ll sync to your iDevice.

Also, users of the Fuji ScanSnap scanner can have scanned business cards automatically added to their Macs address book.

Source: Evernote Blog
Thanks: Stephanie!