10000000 For Mac, iOS On Sale, Plus New Game!



The developer of 10000000–pronounced “ten million”–is working on a sequel, and to celebrate that fact, he’s dropped the price on the Mac and iOS versions of the first game (still pronounced the same way).

For $1.50 on Mac or $0.99 on iOS, you can get one of the coolest mashups I’ve played in recent memory. 10000000 is a delightful and engaging mix of endless runner, match-three, and RPG, and it’s super fun to play.

The new game, called You Must Build A Boat, has a pretty interesting story behind it, as well.

a picture of me for some reasonSee, developer Luca Redwood (pictured, oddly enough, right) started out making more content for his well-received game, 10000000.

“For lots of reasons; no small part due to my bad project management,” he writes on his blog, “that small update kept growing. To ‘Big Update’ to ‘DLC’ to ‘Expansion Pack’ and still growing more.”

This started to not make sense as an in-app purchase; the game itself was changing because he added even more experiences to the mix: dungeon exploration and choose-your-own-adventure.


“Unfortunately for me,” he writes, “I’d promised a really big update, but now didn’t have one, and to be honest, I don’t want to have one. I really like what 10000000 was as a standalone experience and I don’t want to mess with that.”

Hence the new game, You Must Build A Boat, which–seriously–is my favorite new game title.

But the update was supposed to be free, as is the nature of most in-game updates in the iOS world, at least. So Redwood has decided to give the new game away free if you already own 10000000. Which you really should, especially now, because it’s on sale. Which brings us full circle.

I’ll be chatting with Redwood at GDC in March, so should be able to show you some game footage or at least talk about how the new game is coming along. So stay tuned.