Padholdr Puts iPads On Restaurant Tables


Question: Why do we go to restaurants?

If you answered: To eat a delicious meal and not have to wash the dishes afterwards then you get zero points. Go to the back of the class etc. The real reason we go to a restaurant these days is to “play games, view the company story, and so much more.” Luckily, the Padholdr Tablet Stand is on hand to make this modern-day dream a simple reality, by putting an iPad on every table.

I get agitated enough when a lunch partner of mine so much as checks his or her iPhone while I’m pumping yet another fascinating anecdote into their lucky ears, so I will avoid any restaurant which puts further escape methods on the table (as it were).

But if you are a restaurant that allows children, or that lets folks customize their burgers with any of a thousand disgusting options, then you can now load up on cheap-o iPad 2s and bolt them down to your booth tables with the Padholdr, which consists two steel sections: one small bracket which secures to the table, and one top section that can be ordered to fit whichever tablet you’re willing to let your customers touch and finger with their sticky, food-covered hands.

Actually, there is one scenario which I can see working here: what about loading the iPad up with games, screwing it to the tabletop and creating a modern-take on the tabletop arcade game?

Prices run from $125 to $130 depending on tablet model.

Source: Table Top Mounts