The Touchfire Keyboard: Keyboarding Reinvented For Your iPad [Deals]



The Touchfire keyboard has all the functionality of a standard keyboard, but in a paper thin, transparent silicone that fits directly on your screen. You can still view the entire screen right through the keyboard with the ability to touch and swipe as if nothing was there. This keyboard will turn your iPad into a laptop killer!

If you own an iPad this product won’t let you down. And this pricing won’t let you down, either. That’s because for a limited time you can get the Touchfire for only $37.99 through Cult of Mac Deals!

Please note: Touchfire is offering this very special price in celebration of launching Touchfire for iPad Mini and Touchfire for iPad Air. If you have an iPad mini, click here. If you have an iPad Air, click here. This promotion is for US customers only (all 50 states). To read more details about this offer, including compatbility and all that’s included, visit the Deals page.

The Touchfire boasts a slew of great features:

  • It works with all standard iPads. The Touchfire attaches to the iPad 2/3/4 using the magnets built into those tablets. It’s non-slip bottom keeps it in place on an iPad 1.
  • You can type without looking. Textured keys allow you to type without looking so you can focus on your writing and not on the keys. Freely rest your fingers on the keys for a realistic typing experience with out accidentally entering characters.
  • It’s rugged and easy to clean: The Touchfire keyboard is made of pure, high-performance silicone rubber. It handles the rigors of travel with ease. To clean it, simply run it under tap water and towel dry.

Touchfire creators Steve Isaac & Brad Melmon jump started the process on Kickstarter with a goal of $10,000. At campaign’s end, they had raised more than $200,000! Since their campaign ended in 2011 they’ve been in full force delivering one of the most revolutionary iPad products to consumers around the globe.

The Touchfire has garnered praise from numerous outlets, and Entrepreneur Magazine even named Touchfire one of the 100 most brilliant companies of 2013.

So get your fingers on one of the most revolutionary products out there at a discount of 24%. Head to the Deals page and buy a Touchfire for just $37.99 today!