Fake Apple Store Employee Confesses Apple Invented Polio And Syphilis [Humor]



Tyler Fisher is not an Apple employee. In fact, I’m pretty sure the guy doesn’t know the difference between an iPad and an iPod Shuffle, but that didn’t stop him from dressing up as an Apple Specialist, going to work at his local Apple Store, and recording the entire prank as he sprayed customers with misinformation on everything from iPhones having retina scanners, to MacBooks with so much cloud it melted into a puddle that’s perfect for storing your naughty pics.

Not only did Tyler educate Apple Store customers to the “fact” that polio, lyme disease, and syphilis were invented by Apple thanks to the chemical mishmash that goes into MacBooks, but he also offered customers a 75% discount if they knew someone that had the diseases – an apology on Apple’s behalf.

Check out the reactions in the video below:



  • Atienne

    Have to admire the balls on this guy.

  • efforting

    The video was only barely humourous but the follow up spanking this guy is going to get from Apple’s attorneys should be priceless, please keep us informed!

  • bmn2

    Not terribly funny, though Tyler Fisher appears to be a bit of a douche, so there’s that.

  • Stuka_UK

    I’m not watching that as the guy sounds like a total see you next tuesday.

  • Greg56

    Not at all funny! Where is the store staff or security to throw this guy out?
    Could have had a skimming device to steal people credit card info

  • RyanTV

    That’s a great way to get a tort lawsuit filed against you by Apple… and it’s not even funny.

  • lwdesign1

    This is disgusting and not funny. The whole point of this “prank” is to upset and confuse people. Tyler Fisher’s idea of fun is to lie to people about products that don’t exist, and a product release flow that makes people feel uncertain about buying. He uses purposefully misleading terminology and techno-nonsense to spin people into confusion. Saying that Apple created diseases by chemical spills and is offering discounts because of what it’s done is simply awful. This is the verbal equivalent of kicking someone in the crotch and running away laughing about how funny it was when he fell down. There are basically two types of people: Those who make more of you and those who make less of you. Guess which one this guy is.

  • MisterL30N

    I agree with the previous comments, this is not at all humorous. I’m completely taken aback that these people never saw through what he was doing. Also, I feel that the other Apple staff were not being diligent in keeping people like Tyler Fisher out of the store. However, he was standing close to the doors and I’m sure it was a busier Apple store with appointments and many customers. What’s the worst is that he’s gone on film AND posted the video on the internet, accusing Apple of being solely accountable for these terrible diseases, while bearing the Apple logo in plain sight. PR is going to be all over this, and I’d be completely surprised if there wasn’t a lawsuit filed against Tyler Fisher for slander, misleading the public under false pretense, and for flat-out saying to get an Android. What he’s done wasn’t at all funny, as I would actually be quite offended if this was the experience I had at an Apple store. The most disappointing factor is that those who aren’t intelligent enough to know that this is entirely false will use it as leverage when deciding upon their next mobile device or computer. It is completely unacceptable.