Chil’s Notchbook Case Makes The iPad Air Way Easier To Hold



Chil’s Notchbook iPad Air case has one great feature that sets it apart form other cases. There’s a notch, or rather a slice, cut into the bottom of the front cover just next to the spine, and this notch lets you shove your palm up in there making the whole caboodle sit on your hand with no effort needed to grip it.

Neat, especially for when you’re reading books.

You could of course modify any of your cases if you have both a good sharp pair of scissors and the balls to take them to your expensive folio case. Not that balls and scissors should ever really go together. Apart from its “patented” notch, the case is pretty ordinary, with the iPad Air held inside by four ugly corner straps, and a ho-hum range of colors.

There’s full access to all the iPad’s switches and ports, and the interior of the sleep/wake-compatible front cover is lined in microsuede to help keep the iPad’s screen smudge free. The section that holds the iPad also rotates inside the case to make a stand, but as this just adds an extra layer of case material, it seems to me I’d rather lose that feature and enjoy a case that’s a third lighter.

The price is $40, and you can buy one right now.

Source: Chil
Thanks: Matt!