PDF Scanner Scans Double Page Spreads



PDF Scanner is a new iOS app that scans your paper documents and turns them into PDFs. The gimmick that sets this app apart from all the others that do the same thing is that PDF Scanner can auto-detect and split double-page spreads into single sheets. And if that’s what you need then it may be worth struggling through the rest of the app to get to them. But probably not.

Photographing your text is fine, and the auto edge-finder works sometimes. You tell the app whether you’re scanning a single or double-page spread and it works accordingly. If it doesn’t find the edges then you can mark them yourself, but the touch targets (I used it on a Retina iPad mini) are tiny, making the corner handles frustratingly difficult to grab.

The scans are of good quality, and you can email the results from the app, print them or save them in your Dropbox. There’s also a nicely-designed file manager to let you wrangle the documents in-app, complete with neat drag’n’drop operations.

And that’s it. No OCR (which other iOS apps manage just fine), and nothing to set it apart other than the double-page scans. I’ll probably stick to Smile’s Scan+ and just power through the single pages. At least it offers iCloud sync and OCR in pretty much any language.

PDF Scanner is $3.

Source: App Store