Evernote Adds Customizable Home Screens To iOS App



You know how when you open the Evernote iOS app to joy down a quick note, or snap a quick photo reminder? Usually what happens is that you spend the first half a minute desperately trying to remember whatever it was you wanted to remember while you tap around trying to find the new note buttons. Well, the new Evernote doesn’t help you if you launch into the depths of a previously-taken note, but it does at least make the main page a lot easier to use.

Along with a choice of color schemes (original green, dark and light) is a new row of new note buttons right along the top of the screen where they should be. You can also rearrange the sections shown on the home screen (notebooks, notes, tags, places etc.) and remove sections you don’t want (market, announcements).

And you can also choose which section shows the details of its content: that is, you can have the Notes section populate with recent notes, or not. Likewise with tags and notebooks. Thus, you can make the home screen as clean and cluttered as you like.

Almost, anyway. While the settings let you “remove” the Market and Announcements sections on the home screen, they don;t actually get removed. They just mutate into smaller sections with different styling to the rest. Clearly Evernote knows that everyone will disable these sections, but doesn’t want you to actually do it.

You can now also choose to have the app save details gleaned from scanning business cards direct to your iOS contacts list.

Another solid update to an app that’s become a little too full-featured to easily squeeze into an iOS app. Or maybe not: Apple managed it with Garage Band and iPhoto after all.

Source: Evernote Blog