Faith, An Amazing Lightweight Speedlight Stand From The Maker Of Lollipod



When I reviewed the Lollipod iPhone tripod, I mentioned that the super-light support would also make a great portable lighting stand. It seems I wasn’t the only person to notice this, and now the folks behind the Lollipod have added the Faith Speedlight stand to their lineup. And man, it looks every bit as well-thought-out as the original Lollipod.

Like its brother, the Faith stand has a three-legged base that folds quickly out from the main telescopic pole section. The base has a small plastic bag on it that looks like an inflatable toy, but can be filled with water to add weight. There’s also a long spike that sides out of the main pole into soft ground – a genius addition for adding stability in windy weather.

And you’ll need that extra stability, becasue the head of the Faith stand has a built-in mount for a lighting umbrella, along with a top plate that presents either a standard tripod screw or a cold-shoe mount to let you slip a flash right in.

The whole rig fits into its own carry-bag, and weighs just 0.54 kg, a couple hundred grams more than the Lollipod. That might sound like a lot, but the whole thing weighs less than just the Manfrotto lighting head I use on top of my own boring, regular light stand.

The Faith stand is available now for £50 ($82).

Source: Faith Tripods
Thanks: Simon!