Roamographer, The Manliest, Gorgeous-est Camera Bag Ever Made



Another camera bag? Yes. The Roamographer is pretty much the complete opposite to the Booq Python Mirrorless also featured this morning. It’s big, it’s made of lovely bison leather, and it’s huge. It’s also frikkin’ gorgeous, and equally frikkin’ expensive.

Outside, HoldFast’s $500 Roamographer looks like a battered doctor’s bag, complete with a hinged top that opens fully to give access to the gear inside. And inside is where you’ll find the equally lovely cotton-lined and padded home for your camera and all the lenses and accessories you could wish to put inside. If ever there was a camera bag that didn’t look like a camera bag, this is it, although that illusion may be spoiled somewhat if you use the outer straps to carry a tripod or lighting gear.

Yes, $500 is steep for any bag, but if you’re already in the hole for HoldFast’s super-cool $200 Moneymaker harness, which makes you look like a 1970s cop when carrying your cameras, you probably won’t care. Available March.

Source: HoldFast
Via: The Phoblographer