Hard-To-Find The Hills Screensaver — Get It Here



The Hills screensaver is about the coolest screensaver I’ve seen for Mac OS X, but it’s not easy to get.

The screensaver shows beautifully rendered rolling green hills covered in perfectly-manicured grass. You fly over them as though gliding in a silent helicopter. It’s utterly hypnotic — and very relaxing, especially on a big display.

The developer, Chris Kent, was hosting it on a .mac account, but he exceeded bandwidth limits and it’s now gone.

Searching for it in Google brings up a bunch of old links — it’s very frustrating.

So we’re hosting the file here. Download The Hills version 1.1: hills-1-1.dmg.

13 responses to “Hard-To-Find The Hills Screensaver — Get It Here”

  1. clicknathan says:

    Wow! This is almost as cool as that “I’m flying through the stars” screensaver from days of old.

    The only thing that could make it better is if maybe the hills had eyes, or it didn’t exist. :)

  2. brad says:

    Link doesn’t work.

  3. mike ormsby says:

    s bb“âQ0C
    any suggestions?
    thank you.

  4. The Daleks says:

    The link is totally busted…probably wouldn’t work in Lion anyway. Nobody makes screen savers anymore. Why is that?