Adobe Approved: The Night Photography Video Course [Deals]



Night photographs can be downright stunning… but we know, it’s not easy to master the art of night photography and that’s why Cult of Mac Deals is excited to bring you a course that will open up your photography skill set to a whole new world.

Typically, shooting at night means shooting in low light, which can be a real challenge. Endless blurry party photos on Facebook, or faces nuked by flash are proof of that but believe it or not, you can improve your night photos, and you don’t necessarily need a fancy camera to do so. With the Adobe approved Night Photography Video Course, you’ll learn how to make the most of your night photos…and all for just $15.99.

With just a few simple tips and tricks you’ll be taking stunning night shots in no time. Not only that, but the creative possibilities you’ll find after the sun goes down are huge!

The highlights of this course include:

  • Over 20 lectures and 3 hours of content!
  • For novice photographers
  • Learn the basics of night photography
  • Learn about the right gear needed
  • Learn tips and tricks that’ll take your photography game to the next level

The man behind this course is Neil Creek. Neil’s passion for the night sky started as a teenager and continues today, with him assisting in running night sky photography courses in the Australian bush. Neil has honed his photography skills in this area, capturing amazing images of the stars, which regularly sell to people around the world.

Whether you’re looking to improve your photography skills or simply want to learn how to take stunning photos at night, The Night Photography Video Course is for you. Get this Adobe-approved course for 54% off the regular price – only $15.99 – from the Deals page today!