Text-To-Speech App Adds Creepy Kids Voices


Text-to-speech is great. But have you ever wished that it could be a little more creepy? As in, child’s-voice-coming-out-of-your-computer creepy? Well, you’re in luck. Thanks to a service designed to help kids to communicate, you too can make your iPad talk in the voice of a little girl or boy. Shiver.

The new voices have been added to the Proloquo4Text app, a text-based app that lets people who can’t communicate with their voices speak though their iPhone or iPad. The new voices are there so children can speak as kids instead of being forced to use adult voices.

The new voices – Emilio and Valeria – can speak Spanish and American English, and can of course be used for good as well as evil. It’s easy to make them say things like “They’re here” (Carol Anne in Poltergeist), “I brought you something, mommy” (Gage Creed in Pet Sematary) or “Redrum” (Danny Torrance in The Shining). And you can do it in English and Spanish.

The app itself costs an absurd $130, which sounds about right for things that desperate parents will be forced to buy. Available now, with free new creepy kids voices.

Source: Assistiveware

  • cpk

    This app is for nonverbal kids like my son who have no spoken language. I guess the author is unaware of special needs kids with autism or other speech issues.