Woz Will Speak At Next Week’s Apps World Conference



Steve Wozniak has been announced as the headline speaker for next week’s Apps World North America event in San Francisco.

Running February 5-6, Apps World is an event presenting the latest insight into the multi-platform app ecosystem, expected to attract more than 8,000 attendees.

As the keynote speaker, Woz will share his insights with developers (with likely a few stories from the Apple II days thrown in for good measure) at the Developer World conference. The address will be followed by a live Q&A session with the audience.

“I’m delighted to be speaking at Apps World, sharing my experience of 30 years in the mobile and computing industry, as well as learning from and feeding off the passion and enthusiasm of the app developer community in attendance,” Woz said in a statement.

Alongside Woz’s appearance, Apps World visitors can attend 11 different workshops covering everything from Retail, Payments and API strategy, to mobile strategy and TV apps — in addition to two live hackathons taking place on the exhibition floor, and 7 start-up zones demoing the next wave of app technologies.

Source: Apps-world

Via: Macdailynews

  • Turtle Heart

    Luke, honestly. look at this man. Why does the Apple related media report on the ambulations of this man? Woz does nothing, nothing at all as far as real world evidence goes. The little that he actually did accomplish could have in fact could have been done by any number of other people, it just happened to be him. Are you just celebrating an obese fat man because he worked for Apple? To what end? It seems if he were the person you wish he might be, somehow an innovator or even marginal contributor to technology, it might make sense, but he has done nothing at all. Is he your cousin or something? I find him embarrassing, a master of only sloth, yet his every move is followed by Apple fan media. It all seems a little sad to me. He grosses me out. Every time.

  • darylayala

    Oh no. Here we go again with that guy…