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Numbers App Adds Back Applescript Support, And More



Do you hear that tinkling, rattling sound? That’s the sound of a million teeth skittering across the floor tiles as their previous owners relax their legs after smashing the teeth out of their own skulls with their own knees.

What the hell am I talking about? The absurd, almost violent knee-jerk reactions to Apple app updates that pare back functions in order to provide a clearer path for future updates. It’s like these folks never heard of pruning a rosebush to promote better growth.

And the news: Applescript is back in Numbers.

And when I say “back,” I mean “back and ready to rumble,” like Rocky 3. Users of Apple’s spreadsheet app can enjoy everything that was pulled in the last update, plus extra commands. This is all part of the “Numbers ’09 Compatibility Suite,”: which suggests that the whiners will be getting yet more Applescript support in the future.

Sometimes it’s good to complain. But sometimes it’s just pointless. This is a case of the latter. Given the size and speed of this update, it seems very unlikely that Apple was ever planning on ditching Applescript in iWork. Applescript seems to life a charmed life, to get a special pass. It’s like a mobster’s wife: kill, maim and terrorize anyone you want, but don’t touch the man’s wife.

Now we just have to wait for Applescript-happy updates to Pages and Keynote.

Source: App Store
Via: Mac World