MikroDok Is A Minimalist Dock For Your Lightning Charger [Kickstarter]


A new Kickstarter project is aiming to build minimal charging docks designed to hold Apple’s 8-pin Lightning Cable. The underside of each “MikroDok” features a Mikro-suction adhesive backing, which allows the doc to be securely positioned and also moved multiple times.

When adhered to a flat surface such as a desk or a wall, the MikroDok perfectly aligns the male end of the cable with the port on your iPhone — making docking and undocking even easier than it already is. Each MikroDok is precision machined from a solid block of Aluminum, and finished to give it a high end, premium appearance.

So far, MikroDok’s creators have received more than half of their $3,000 funding target — with 33 days still to go.

As my Cult of Mac colleague Killian points out, sure you could achieve similar functionality by sticking your charging cable down with a lump of blue-tack — but where’s the style in that?

Source: Kickstarter