Macprocolo: Keep A Mac Pro In Macminicolo’s Data Center



Macminicolo has been around for nine years, plugging Mac Minis into its data center and letting you use them as your own. Thy can work as servers, or just as 24/7 automation machines. Now, the folks at Macminicolo have launched Macprocolo (Mac Pro Co-location). You can probably guess what it is.

I like to imagine the Macprocolo data center with its cylindrical Mac Pros stacked up in pyramids, like the toilet-paper wall I proudly maintain in my bathroom (or should I say maintained. It was all going great until that damn puppy got in there and now the whole thing is blocked up, the door won’t open and there’s the stink of dead dog drifting out from under the pine-scented pile of paper).

You can rent your Mac Pro for $99 or $119 per month, but it won’t be cheap.

We tested the Mac Pro quite a bit in the data center. It performs incredible and there is no issue with heat. The Pro does pull quite a bit more power though. (And in a data center, power is one of the biggest expenses.)

If you don’t need the power of the Mac Pro, you might be better off buying your own Mac Mini and having Macminicolo run it for you from $35 per month. But if you’re planning on starting a website that lets people process their RAW photos in the cloud, for instance, then you might benefit from the crazy capabilities of Apple’s race-car Mac. And you can sign up right now.

Source: Macprocolo
Via: Macminicolo blog