The KLOQE, An Aluminum iPhone Case That Won’t Affect Reception



The KLOQE is billed as “the iPhone case for those who don’t like iPhone cases.” As a vocal member of that group, I feel qualified to judge this case. But that;s not it. The KLOQE also promises to be the only aluminum iPhone case without reception issues. So let’s get that part out of the way first.

The case is split into three parts, separated by insulating strips, just like the aluminum antennae of the iPhone itself. This, apparently, stops the case from blocking the signal to the iPhone’s cellular radios, and has the side effect of making the case look just like the body of the naked iPhone. Only fatter, obviously.

Now on to the claim the the case is perfect for “for those who don’t like iPhone cases.” I think I can safely reply here that “No it’s not.” The prefect case for case-haters is no case, which is exactly what I use when not testing cases for CoM. One of the main reasons I don’t use a case is that they make my iPhone too big and bulky to fit into the front pocket of my skinny jeans. Making a case that looks just like the iPhone only fatter won’t help there.

In fact, even people who like cases mightn’t want this one. At least when your phone is in a fat case, people see it and think “Ah, he has an iPhone in a fat case.” Upon seeing the KLOQE, they’ll think “Ugh, look at that dummy. He bought a fake iPhone. A really fat fake iPhone.”

Still want one? Then you can pitch on on Kickstarter at the comedy price of $99 (or $85 if you get in early enough).

Source: Kickstarter

  • Dave_Drwencke

    Have you actually seen the product live? Tested it?
    I have had the pleasure of seeing the case live. For those who hate iPhone cases because they add weight, bulk and “size” this case does solve this problem by adding almost no size to the device while maintaining the same look, feel, texture and “style” of the original phone while giving protection and not messing with reception. Say what you will about price and personal taste for style – but you really need to check the product out first.

  • vincentwong

    Yet you guys are pushing the Leverage i5 case, which is even fatter and of lower quality. Look forward to seeing the Kloqe as a future CoM deal, with no attendant snide remarks about it.

  • pferri

    Is this a review or…? Charlie, Let’s do ourselves a favor. Take this post (I can’t call it a review) down and repost when we’re ready to not slander a product without a real test. Oh, lay off the word mightn’t. Mmkay, Pumpkin?

  • ToddKarsemeyer

    This is a terribly written article. It’s obvious that you’ve never tested (or even seen) the product; you’re basing all of this off of a few photos. You’re welcome to your opinion on how it looks, but to doubt Kloqe’s claim that it does not affect the iPhone’s reception is just a wild guess on your part. You’ll look pretty foolish if it turns out they’ve solved the reception issues that plague other metal iPhone cases. And if adding 4 millimeters to the outside of your phone (as they mention on Kickstarter) makes the phone too large for your clothing, I’d suggest buying some pants that fit a little better.

  • nemesis4670

    Nothing gives mac fanboy douche chills than a guy complaining that a iPhone case is too big for his “skinny jeans”. Yuck…hipster logic.