Video News App Newsy Now Works On All iOS Devices



Popular free iOS news app Newsy has gone universal.

The app — which delivers news through engaging video bites — first launched for iPhone and iPod touch in September 2009, with Newsy for iPad following in April the next year.

Newsy for iPhone and iPod touch received its iOS 7 makeover in September 2013, although Newsy for iPad did not — leading tablet users to question when the Newsy for iPad app would be brought up to date.

Now they have an answer to that question: never.

That’s because Newsy has ditched the concept of having two separate apps, and instead optimized the single Newsy app for all iOS platforms.

In addition to universal support (and, of course, the iOS 7 optimized interface for iPad users for the first time), Newsy Version 2.1 also adds several performance tweaks.

Source: iTunes

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