Codecademy: Hour of Code Packs In More Lessons, Plus iPad Optimization



One month after its launch in the App Store, Codeacademy: Hour of Code has gone universal — being optimized for iPad and iPad mini, as well as iPhone and iPod touch.

Named as such because initially it promised to teach users the basis of programming in just sixty minutes, the Codecademy team is now promising that, “The Hour of Code is now longer than an hour! To celebrate, we’ve added a bunch of cool stuff for you.”

In addition to universal support, Version 1.0.3 encourages users to make a webpage from the app featuring their photo, bio, and other information — and then to share this with friends to show off what has been learned.

The app also teaches “HTML on the go” in addition to letting you pick a path for future learning on your desktop.

Codecademy: Hour of Code is available free from the App Store.

Source: iTunes