Suits And Swords Is A Fantasy Blend Of Blackjack And RPG [Video]



Sony Pictures Television has a new iOS game available in the App Store and, unlike previous titles, this one’s based on an original property.

Called Suits and Swords, the game is a cross between a blackjack card game and an RPG, set in four different fantasy realms.

“The Joker is back for revenge – and only YOU have the power to stop his destruction,” explain the app developers. “Lead Captain Black Jack on an epic card battling journey to save the four card realms. Suits and Swords is more than a blackjack card game – it’s the elements of a role playing game combined with the strategy of blackjack creating an adventure that’ll have you addicted after your first battle. Suit up, double down, and join the fight!”

● Save the Four Card Realms: Travel through a rich and intriguing story of a world gone amiss and a hero who must do all he can to find the Joker. Fight through four lands – the Heart Union, Diamond Empire, Club Kingdom, and Spade Nation – and free the lands from the Joker’s curse.

● Arm for Battle: Unlock and equip weapons, armor, magic and more to fight your way to the Joker. Each item comes stacked with varying RPG stats that help bolster the powers of Black Jack and his abilities.

● Become a Blackjack Master: Battle your enemies using the rules and strategy of blackjack. Fight over 100 battles across the four realms to save the kingdom.

● Explore the World: Uncover the story of the Joker and find hidden items as you progress. Conquer game achievements and unlock side quests for an added challenge.

Suits and Swords is free to download, and requires iPhone 4 or newer, iPad 2 or newer, or iPod Touch 5th Gen or newer to run.

Source: iTunes