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Fastmail Tests Sweet New iPhone-Syncing Calendar Service


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You’re most likely using one of two calendar services, or maybe both: Google Calendar and/or iCloud. Now – if you’re using the truly excellent Fastmail email service – you can test out the beta version of its new calendar. It’s as clean and simple as the mail service, and syncs perfectly with your iDevice or Mac using CalDAV.

To try the new calendar you’ll need to go to the Fastmail beta server and log in with your regular details. The calendar is accessed using the same menu that you use for everything, at top left, and it’ll take over the whole browser with a beautifully clean – and blank – calendar.

It works as you’d think. Double click to add a new entry, drag and drop to move or copy events, add alerts and other details in the popover quick-entry box, and scroll the page or use the nav-bar to switch months. Single-click a day to get to the day view. There are also settings to change timezone, support multiple time zones, add calendars and so on.

In short, it has everything you need and nothing you don’t. It even syncs nicely with any other calendar app using the CalDAV standard, letting you use it with Fantastical, Siri or anything else.

Is it a feature-laden new concept for online calendars? Nope. Is it a calendar done right, with a beautifully simple design that makes it easily and fast to use, just like Fastmail’s email? Yup. Go check it out.

Source: Fastmail Weblog