Magnetic Ball Mount Secures Your iPhone To Your Car’s Dash



Got a car? Got an iPhone? Like to tap away at the iPhone screen and distract yourself instead of watching the road ahead and earning the trust that pedestrians and cyclists put in your every time they venture out onto the road? Then I have good news! Now you can careen down the highway, secure in the knowledge that your precious iPhone will never slip off the dash, nor even deviate from it’s perfectly-chosen angle.

The gadget you will require is the Nite Ize Steelie Car Mount Kit for Mobile Devices, a ball-and-socket affair that attaches to your iPhone and your car’s dashboard using 3M adhesive pads, and joins these two mounts with a magnetic ball joint.

I have tested a magnetic iPad stand and it really was great, letting you easily place the iPad just-so and having it stay put once there. The Steelie promises to do that for any phone, but you’ll have to actually permanently attach part of the stand to your iPhone, so you might opt to stick it to that back of a case instead.

Thus secured, you iPhone is now perfect for using maps, watching movies, Tweeting and playing QuizUp on the go, all whilst swerving to avoid pedestrians and other road users. Multitasking at its finest.

Source: Hypercel