Mentio App Curates And Keeps iTunes Wish Lists




Seemingly just moments after an iTunes update added the ability to browse our App Store wish lists, along comes Mentio, an iPhone app to do the exact same thing. Only instead of using your existing iTunes wish list, it lets you build your own, and buy apps, movies and music from within the app itself.

I usually just email myself apps I’m interested in and then search for them later in my email archive, mostly becasue there’s been no good way to browse my iTunes wish list until now. Mentio won’t change that, as you have to open the app and go looking for apps, music and movies from within it. Still, it might prove to be a better search experience than you get from the native iTunes store; it couldn’t be any worse.

Also, aren’t most app recommendations from elsewhere on the web anyway? Which means that when you click the link you end up in the iTunes Store, and you can save the app or whatever for later with two taps. Having to skip out to another app and do a search seems like a lot of work.

Still, it’s there, and it certainly looks very nice. And it’s just a dollar, so it’s worth taking a look even if you’re not sure about it. Me? I added it to my iTunes wish list, which may or may not be the equivalent of crossing the streams.

Source: Mentio

  • david_fabian

    I use AppShopper to build an app wishlist–it’s good because it notifies you when the price drops.